Effective Human Resources tools that will solve your needs.

The GlobalHRM Software is a human resources management system that offers a wide variety of modules to meet the needs of your business. This system is feature-rich, intuitive and offers an essential human resource management platform along with documentation and access to a broad community of users.

The modules provided with the free GlobalHRM software include:



System Administration
The system administration module offers a centralized control to your Human Resources Manager or other staff members to carry out the basic functions of human resources. Define your organizational structure or salary scale with this module. Work in a secure environment to manage major information and business projects or address security issues such as user rights and permissions.




Personal Information Management  PMI

As a centralized employee database, personal information management (GIP) gives you the ability to store and use all aspects of your employee information easily and productively.





Management of  time off (PTO)


Using self-service concepts enabled for the web and, vacation management and permit applications was never easier. This integrated module allows online processing of applications and approval of the license and vacation time. Significantly streamlines all procedures related to the license-permit, eliminates paperwork and reduces programming hassles with this module.





Assistance Control Management

Eliminate procedures and manual assistance management and project timing with this sophisticated HR module. The Time and Attendance Management module automates your processes related to the records – and minimizes the errors of the assistance policy. Improve organizational performance and keep your work and workforce data organized effectively.





360 Performance Evaluations. 

The evaluation of work performance and the communication of critical business expectations are essential for any business. The performance module simplifies this vital process through the creation of job comments and self-assessments.

The recruitment module gives Human Resources professionals a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment cycle. Effectively streamlines your process of tracking job offer candidates to hire.