Offer our customers intelligent, dynamic technological solutions, with quality, innovative and safe processes. Thus, to our clients, their businesses allow them to optimize their development, meet their objectives with added value and increase their profitability.


To be the leading company in the Information Technology sector, with a projection in Latin America, recognized for providing excellent quality solutions and services at the best price.


Our values ​​on which this strategy of growth and differentiation in the sector is based are:

Teamwork: Promoting and supporting a homogeneous, multi-purpose and interdepartmental team.

Collaboration: We integrate with suppliers and customers to improve quality with them day by day and satisfy their needs.

Service: We comply with the commitment, making us responsible for the performance in all decisions and actions, based on a great willingness to service by and for our customers.

Innovation and continuous improvement: We realize the importance of looking to the future, therefore we offer the latest in the market to provide optimal support and service to our customers.

Transparency: The involvement and commitment of the staff would not be possible without absolute transparency in the processes, with the staff having the maximum information of the company.

Communication: We promote and facilitate communication between all levels of the organization, having effective tools, convening the appropriate forums and with the constant commitment of the management.

Integrity and Ethics: We foster a social commitment and carry out our internal regulations.

Participative management model: The company’s personnel assume responsibilities and participate in the decision-making process.

Training: The company cares about continuous training in all areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility: We actively contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement, to improve our competitive and evaluative situation.

MinkaGlobal strives for the people who make up the company to know these values ​​and be able to transmit them abroad