SaaS Solutions

Integrate your business processes to the cloud with flexible systems; these with agility, scalability, security and ease of use, are the constant in cloud applications. Through our “SaaS Implementation” services, customize, develop and deploy SaaS applications in just a few weeks at a low cost.

Web Applications

Minka Tech Solutions Web Design, provides high quality services in web development to meet the different needs of the current market; from small websites to complex content management systems, applications for your mobile platforms as well as tailor-made systems and business needs.

Marketing Online

No two people equal much less two equal companies; we help you raise the value of your website, by creating online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, e-mail marketing and online development in social networks.


These are some web technologies solutions in which we specialize:

  • Global HRM (Management System for Human Resources)



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Café de Paty


Es bueno comenzar esta semana con un nuevo sitio web y un cliente feliz. Con pre-orden digital.El cafe de Paty


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Cómo crear una cultura laboral más inclusiva


Diversidad. Inclusión. Equidad. Género. Acoso. Preferencia sexual.

Estas son las palabras que vemos en los titulares con mayor frecuencia. El éxito de una empresa depende de tomarse en serio cada una de estas palabras e identificar […]

Our partner!

Hundreds of thousands of customers have already joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) community and use AWS solutions to strengthen their businesses. AWS cloud computing platform offers the flexibility to create an application in its own way, regardless of the sector to which it belongs and its particular use case. You can save time and money by letting AWS manage your infrastructure, without compromising security, reliability or scalability


Using state-of-the-art technology, combined with strategic direction and exceptional design, we offer innovative solutions to a local, national and international clientele.